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History and Mission

What is Operation Round Up?          

It's a program being adopted by electric cooperatives across the nation whereby members "round up" your monthly electric bill to the next dollar.  The extra charge, averaging about $0.41 a month, is accumulated and then put to work through a foundation, separate from the cooperative, helping organizations and individuals right here in Logan County.

Give a little ... Help a lot!

Your spare change goes a long way when you share it through Logan County Electric Cooperative's Operation Round Up program.  By rounding up your electric bill payment to the next nearest dollar each month, Logan County Cooperative's 4,800 consumer-owners make a big difference with small change in our local area.

Your pennies, nickels and dimes help raise thousands of dollars every year.  And those dollars are used to help your neighbors right here in your own communities.  Health and rescue organizations, food banks, educational projects, child care programs, and individuals with special needs are just a few of the possibilities for your Operation Round Up donations.

Every penny donated by Logan County Electric Cooperative consumer-owners is put to good use in community projects.  All administrative costs to run Operation Round Up is paid by the Logan County Electric Cooperative as our contribution.

Here's how it works

What happens when you participate in Operation Round Up?
A typical member's monthly bill comes to $124.66.  We round it up to $125.00.  The extra $0.34 goes directly to the Logan County Community Connection Fund.  The average roundup for each member is just $0.41 a month.

Each month, your bill will show an amount listed for Operation Round Up and your bill will include the extra few cents to show an even dollar amount.  We hope every Logan County Cooperative consumer-owner will participate in Operation Round Up.  When more members contribute, more help can be given.

You are automatically a part of Operation Round Up unless you let us know otherwise.  If for any reason you choose not to participate, simply let us know.  You may opt out of or into the program at any time by simply calling us at (937) 592-4781.

You can make a difference

Operation Round Up grants are administered by a separate board of directors selected from the Logan County Community.

The board of directors review and approve applications for assistance based on demonstrated need and funds available.  (The money collected will not be used to pay delinquent electric bills, contribute to state, local or national agencies like the United Way or Salvation Army.)

We'll keep our membership informed of the projects chosen for funding on this website.

How do I know how much of my electric bill is going to Operation Round Up?

Your electric bill is printed with the usual information with one extra line that lists Operation Round Up and the amount that rounds up your bill to the next dollar.

What happens to the money raised in Operation Round Up?

Every cent is deposited in the Logan County Community Connection Fund, a special trust fund which is used only for helping people or groups with specific needs.

Who controls how this money is spent?

 A separate board has been developed and is composed of people from various areas within Logan County.  The five members of this board receive and evaluate all applications for funds and they make the final decision.

What kind of projects is our money spent on?

Money has been granted to local fire departments to provide smoke detectors; to citizens and to purchase equipment to help them fight fires more effectively; and provided scholarships for physically challenged students to participate in the Discovery Riders program to name only a few.

The board sets guidelines for evaluating applications.  This project is successful because every penny is spent on enhancing the quality of life for residents of our local area, and Logan County Electric Cooperative has agreed to pay any necessary administrative costs (such as copying and postage) as our own contribution.

How much money is raised from this round up?

Based on an average contribution of $0.41 per month from each of Logan County Co-op's 4,800 meters, approximately $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year is contributed.  We hope every member will participate, because the more people who take part in giving, the more we're able to help.

What if I don't want to contribute to Operation Round Up?

Every Logan County Cooperative member is automatically enrolled in the program, but you can opt out of - or back into - the Operation Round Up program at any time.  It's easy.  Simply call us or enclose a note with your payment and we'll take care of it.

Your board of trustees believes Operation Round Up is a project that really makes a difference.  And it is a success because of you - the members of Logan County Electric Cooperative.

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