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Meet the candidates


Jerry Fry is a man who has a good sense of humor, enjoys people, enjoys life, and enjoys being outdoors. He retired after farming for 60 years. Fry joined the cooperative in 1971 and was first elected to the board of trustees in 1991. Fry has earned the Credentialed Cooperative Director and the Board Leadership certificates.

Fry’s experience helps him understand the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a trustee. He counts this position as the most rewarding thing he has ever done because it allowed him to be a part of accomplishing something important and lasting for the community.

Fry believes he is the right person to be a trustee because he is level-headed and has 25 years of experience. He listens well to others and considers their thoughts to help make good decisions.

If elected to the board, Fry would like to help find qualified members to replace trustees who will soon retire. Additionally, he would like the co-op to keep upgrading the electric system to eliminate all old copper wire and improve reliability by keeping up with tree trimming.

Fry has been involved in the local community by serving on the Logan County fair board as treasurer, the Logan County Farm Service Agency (ASCS), the Logan County Farm Bureau, the Huntsville volunteer fire department, and as a McArthur Township voting location manager.

“Not many people get to be a trustee, and it is very challenging to set policies for the whole county. But helping accomplish something this right and good is very rewarding. I enjoy being a trustee and would like to continue to serve on the board.”


Terry Scott describes himself as a simple man who enjoys people, is easy to get along with, and enjoys the game of golf. He is semi-retired from working facilities at AGC, and he served in the United States Navy as an E-4 Petty Officer third class. Scott joined the cooperative in 1995.

Scott would like to help the cooperative get better and help the members with any problems or questions they might have. He wants to serve on the board so he can learn how the cooperative really works and to be involved in an organization of which he is a part owner. He knows there is a lot to learn, but he is not scared of learning.

Scott believes he is the right person to be a trustee because he has time to be available to help members and assist with any problems. Furthermore, he has worked with electricity in the Navy and with high voltage at AGC.

If elected to the board, Scott would like to see the cooperative keep going as well as it is. He also wants to ensure the cooperative will continue returning money to the members. He will also listen to members to help them with problems and help them understand electricity, while keeping an eye on the potential increased demand as electric cars come to market.

Scott was involved at the Indian Lakes Elks Lodge as a Leading Knight.

“I want to be available to help members and assist with any problems they might have. And I can dedicate a lot of time to the needs of the members and the co-op.”


Jim Rice describes himself as approachable, nonjudgmental, friendly, and easy to talk to. He is a cattle and grain farmer and for 23 years, was a dairy farmer. Rice joined the cooperative in 1988 and was elected to the board in 2011. Rice has earned the Credentialed Cooperative Director, Board Leadership, and Director Gold certificates.

Rice understands the cooperative business model because he sold to a milk co-op and worked with other farmers for a common cause. He will use this experience to keep service and members as the top priority and keep rates low by optimizing management decisions.

Rice believes he is the right person to be a trustee. As a trustee, he has learned from retired trustees, remembers the history, and wants to keep it going.

If elected to the board, Rice would like to keep rates low and keep a safe working environment for the employees. He will also work to ensure members are served equally, while seeking economic growth for the co-op’s service territory. He desires to keep the co-op locally controlled and not consolidate with another cooperative.

Rice has been involved in the community by serving as a Bokescreek Township trustee, on the Ben Logan athletic boosters, as a youth basketball coach, and as past president of the West Mansfield conservation club.

“I am dedicated to this job that I enjoy. Going to classes and conferences has been a good way to grow in my understanding. I would like to continue serving my local community.”


Jeff Spencer is a team player who likes to get things done correctly through process and innovation. He is a lifelong farmer and retired from Honda after 35.5 years in various levels of responsibility. Spencer joined the cooperative in 1989.

Spencer’s career has given him extensive experience with strategic business planning, problem-solving, and process mapping. He was responsible for using the corporation’s long-term strategic plan and forecast and planning necessary steps to reach those goals while keeping mid-term goals on target. Toward the end of his career, Spencer was tasked with the responsibility of project managing for all aspects of IT, design, and construction for Honda’s data center.

Spencer believes his value of servant leadership makes him the right person to be a trustee. He will work to know the members’ needs and desires and take those to the cooperative management.

If elected to the board, Spencer will initially work to learn the accountability of a trustee and grow into the responsibility of a trustee. He will also work to keep costs in line while maintaining reliable service and to identify potential failure points in service to the members.

Spencer’s involvement in local community includes serving as a Rushcreek zoning inspector and township trustee. Additionally, he is a pilot for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles program. For several years, Spencer and his dad gave plane rides to Ben Logan’s eighth grade students.

“I desire to do the work of a trustee, representing the members through leadership activities. And I desire to make a difference and support my local roots.”

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