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Our History and Mission

Working from our headquarters near Bellefontaine, OH, Logan County Electric Cooperative provides electric energy to more than 4,800 homes and businesses in Logan, Hardin and Shelby Counties. Logan County Electric Cooperative was established in 1936 to bring electric power to rural people through a federal government program: the Rural Electrification Administration, now known as the Rural Utilities Service.

Electric co-ops are owned by those they serve. That’s why those who receive electric service from us are called members, not customers. Without members, there would be no Logan County Electric Cooperative.

Members maintain democratic control of our co-op, which means they elect fellow members to represent them on the board of trustees every year at our annual meeting. As a bonus, co-op members receive special benefits through programs  such as energy audits and the Co-op Connections® Card. We also return margins (“profits”) to our members in the form of capital credits.

One of our core principles is our concern for our community. As a cooperative, we have a special responsibility to support the areas in which our members live and work. From sponsoring a local school’s baseball team to supporting new jobs and industry through our economic development efforts, we stand as a driving force in our community

In 1968 Logan County Electric Cooperative joined with the other Rural Electric Cooperatives in Ohio to form a generation cooperative, Buckeye Power, Inc. This organization energized its first coal-fired generator (Cardinal Station, a 615 megawatt Unit) to serve the Cooperative members throughout Ohio. In 1978 the second 615 megawatt Unit was placed into operation as the load continued to increase. Both units are located at Brilliant, Ohio on the Ohio River across from Wheeling, West Virginia. Buckeye Power has also acquired generation assets with the Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek generating stations. These acquisitions provide assurance to our members of enough electricity throughout this decade and beyond.

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