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Underground Service Conversions

Underground Electric System Questions and Answers

Q. Why are the electric lines being moved from overhead to underground?
A. To improve the reliability of your electric service. Underground lines are not damaged by trees, wind, ice, lightning or animals, which cause most electric outages. Since electricity is also used for lights, pump water, heat and cool your home, power your television and computer, better electric reliability improves our services to you.

Q. Why are the lines moving now?
A. After decades of use some older parts of our electric system need to be rebuilt due to normal wear and tear. Other sections have been damaged by the severe windstorms and ice loading. Rather than repair or rebuild the overhead lines, in some areas we have decided to move them underground to make your service more reliable and safer for our lineman and tree crew. This will result in a savings of future repair and tree trimming costs.

Q. What will happen at my house when the electric lines are moved underground?
A. The project involves several phases of work. First we will mark the proposed construction area with white flags and wooden stakes. Then service wires will be buried under­ground to serve your neighbor­hood, and a cabinet will be installed at ground level in the utility easement area of your lot or adjacent property. The cabinet will be either a pedestal (left) or a transformer, and it is used to feed power from the electric line to your home.
The lineman will make connections to these devices and then the member’s service will be connected to the new underground system. If electric service now enters your home through overhead wires, new service wires will be buried underground in your yard to your house. The service will then be converted from overhead to underground. This may require the meter socket and wiring be replaced. We will connect the meter socket to your electrical panel (breaker box) inside your home. After notifying you we will cut power to the overhead lines and begin feeding your property through the underground system. You will be without power for a couple of hours when your service is switched over. Please note that your service line may already underground.

Q. Will my lawn or shrubs be torn up?
A. The work will disturb your yard to some degree. We will do our best to minimize the landscape impact, which will vary from house to house. Generally speaking, we will bury lines in the right-of­ way along the front and/or rear of your lot if poles are there now. Trucks and other equipment may drive across your property to work on rear-lot services. If a fence, shrub or shed is blocking the right-of-way, it may need to be moved (at least temporarily) so that crews can gain access. Please note that the service line to your house may already be buried underground. If not, we will need to bury a new service line from a ground-level cabinet in the front or rear easement area through your yard to your home.

Q. What will you do to repair my lawn?
A. We will backfill with dirt, grade and seed any area that we disturb during this process.

Q. Where will the cabinet be placed on my lot? Do I get a choice?
A. Logan County Electric Cooperative determines where to locate ground-level cabinets (pedestals and/or transformers) based upon system design needs. The cabinet that serves your home may be placed in the easement area of your lot or an adjacent property, typically near the lot line. Usually the cabinet will be placed on part of your lot (front or rear) where the existing power comes off the pole to your house.    

To find out where we plan to put the cabinet that will serve your home, call Logan County Electric Cooperative office at 937-592-4781.

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